"Thank you for taking the first step towards financial freedom. Let's now dive into Part 2 of this program" JP Schoeffel

PART 2 will give you access to Completely Done-For-You Digital & Physical products funnels : THE GOLD EDITION PACKED WITH 47 EXTRA FUNNELS!

"Prepare to be shocked as the Gold edition packs some unprecedented funnels you'll never see any where else.

These 47 new funnels give you reseller licenses to our best selling info products, and access to a complete e-commerce online business done-for-you"



Your Own Digital Publishing Empire Ready To Take Orders In Just Minutes!!

We're offering a reseller franchise license without any royatlies (you keep 100% of the profits). All our packages come with a complete funnel where you will build your list and sell these products (some also come with multiple upsells) as your own.

You can watch the video to see how easy it is to start generating leads and sales in just minutes when you join Conversion Funnels PRO!


We hesitated to make this one available, but since we want you to succeed, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to kickstart your business and 10x it as quickly as possible.

 It’s a 26-part video course (over 2 hours of the best list building training there is) that you will be able to claim yours and sell as if you had created it yourself. But you get it for free when you join us today. This course comes with 2 products (the main one and an upsell), and we’ve paid a spokesperson a fortune to record 20mn on-camera sales video! The usual fee for such a video is $225 per minute. So you can do the maths of what such sales videos can cost.

1-CLICK RESELLER LICENSE TO HEALTHY WITH PALEO VIDEO COURSE (Earn $49 per sale + affiliate commissions)

This is a hot and in demand course in the fitness niche, and more specifically in the Paleo diet niche. It comes with everything, a sales video, email funnels, banners and a professionally produced course you can resell as your own. Available in 1-click in Studio and easy to sell thanks to our Deliver module!

Reseller License To Affiliate Profit Masterclass (Earn $69 per sale + affiliate commissions)

You will get a $997 value reseller license to our Affiliate marketing flagship course (affiliate profit masterclass).

It comes with lead capture video, with a sales video, with banners and email swipes and funnels to use).

And of course the 13-part video course itself with the audio version and PDF transcript to add even more value to the package.

You’ll be able to resell it as your own, the only difference is that you don’t have to create anything as it’s completely done for you and free when you join us.

And it's available in 1 click in your account and ready to sell using the Deliver module!

RESELLER LICENSE TO SECRETS OF A RETIRED SUPER AFFILIATE (Earn $27 per sale + affiliate commissions)

This is once again a complete funnel you can start using in just a few minutes: build your list, generate low ticket buyers. This is the perfect companion to all the other products you get in this deal, to build a complete portfolio of traffic and profit pulling offers.

Easy to sell, easy to consume, this product will attract newbies as well as more seasoned digital and affiliate marketers.

RESELLER LICENSE: INSTANT FACEBOOK TRAFFIC FUNNEL (Earn $67 per sale + affiliate commissions)

Another in high demand Facebook traffic guide, that you can resell as you own. 

You and your customers will learn how to get free traffic from Facebook, on demand and at scale. It comes with a lead magnet and with 3 products with their own respective sales video. 

It’s like having 3 products in one, all organized into a high converting sales funnel, completely done for you, 

No setup, 1-click install. This package will be pre-loaded into your account just like all the other packages on this page!

RESELLER LICENSE TO SECRETS TO A PASSIVE RECURRING INCOME (Earn $47 per sale + affiliate commissions)

When you start using Conversion Funnels Pro, you will notice that you will get subscribers and customers with different background, skills and experience.

This course was created to help a bit more advanced marketers with some  unique tips we've learnt over the past two decades. These strategies have never been taught (we've not seen any course dealing with such ideas).

Of course you can consume the course yourself and learn a lot. And on top of that you get to resell this course as your own!

As usual, available in 1-click and ready to sell and deliver in just minutes!



Your Own E-Commerce Empire Ready To Take Orders In Just Minutes!!

Watch the demo video to see how you can launch your first e-com funnel (with upsell, backend sale) from A to Z in less than 2 minutes.

YOUR OWN E-COMMERCE EMPIRE DONE-FOR-YOU (Each funnel can earn you $120+)

Creating an ecom store is complex, difficult and usually a waste of time. You were probably taught to spend $100 per month on Shopify and plugins supposed to turn you into an ecom mogul overnight. Then you were told to run expensive Facebook ads to your new store and once again you would get rich overnight.

But people teaching ecommerce are completely wrong. A store, a set of plugins, are completely useless if you're not promoting the right products the right way. And this is what we're doing for you:

- Product Research
- Product Sourcing
- Product video demo (3 attention grabbing product videos)
- Images research
- Copywriting
- Storeless page design
- High converting layout
- Complete funnel design
- Upsell page / OTO (with conversion boosting features)
- Cross selling page with confirmation
- Instructions
- Legal pages
- Multiple income streams with each funnel
- 1-click install (with hosting included)
- Combine multiple products / upsells from this portfolio to create new ecom funnels, or simply expand existing funnels. Sky is the limit
- Integrate in one click with Deliver module (see below) to start taking processing orders in minutes!
- Change from Free + Shipping to straight sales
- Hot-in-demand and evergreen product selection
- Built-in Scarcity to increase conversions and average order value
- and much much more at your fingertips

You won't need any other tool, you will save $1k a year in software, we provide all the content, the videos, the pages, the revenue generating mechanism. If you can point and click, you can get started in the next few minutes!

Each FUNNEL Contains

Sales Page

Unique Sales page designed to convert with custom product video, images, icons, advanced copywriting, testimonials, and optimized layout. Each product can be sold directly or distributed with a free+shipping model.


A complete funnel with a one time offer / upsell. This layout converts like crazy and your visitors will see a related product with a custom made product video. Increase your Average Order Value and boost your profits instantly!


A Thank you page on steroids. Promote and cross sell 3 more products right away. Who said you need a complex store to claim your share of the ecom pie? We've done it for you and this is the future of ecom. 


Let your users contact you and generate more sales indirectly. It's also an easy way to stay compliant with your traffic sources


We give you the link to the product suppliers to fulfill your orders, and simple instructions to get started. 

Terms/ Disclaimer

Legal pages already done so you're 100% compliant. Replace with your own details (name, website) and you're all set




Build your list and earn commissions:
Our Exclusive Simple Wifi Profits Interview Webinar Funnel ($700 in commissions)

We've interviewed James Yun (currently making $50k per day and up to $100k). You'll  get access to an exact replica of this Interview / Webinar funnel, so that you can in turn promote the SWP program. And you will also be able to offer the ready-made Quizz landing page to your referrals with a free trial to iFunnels included!

You can earn $700 per custumer you send to this interview funnel! And we even provide a ready-made bonus for you!


You will get a $697 value franchise license to the Affiliate Profit masterclass webinar

This webinar cost us $5k to create (copywriting, scripting, production, voice over, post production). And you will have the rights to use it, as if you had created it, and sell the Affiliate Profit MAsterclass video course! 

This webinar works like a charm, and converts your leads 10 times better than any other traditional sales channel.


#1 Info Product Reseller Funnel: List Building 2-Hour Video Course
Reseller license to a complete video course with a real spokesperson ($4500 in production cost), one front end product, one upsell, a member's area ready to sell and market in minutes!

Value: $1997

#2 Info Product Reseller Funnel: Healthy With Paleo
When you want to try one the most profitable niche (health), you will be able to build your list and resell a great info product! All done-for-you

Value: $997

#3 Info Product Reseller Funnel: Affiliate Profit Masterclass
Reseller license to a 2hour+ affiliate marketing video course. Comes with a video optin page, and a 3-part video sequence pre-selling the course, as well as the member's area!

Value: $1997

#4 Info Product Reseller Funnel: Retired Super Affiliate
Reseller license to our latest affiliate course. Easy to sell with an optin page and a high converting sales page & member's area.

Value: $497

#5 Info Product Reseller Funnel: Instant Facebook Traffic
A monster funnel with 3 products (one front end and 2 upsells), as many sales video, an optin page to drive people into your funnels. 

Value: $1497

#6 Info Product Reseller Funnel: Passive Recurring Income
Reseller license to a more advanced course to learn the secrets to create recurring income streams. Get more qualified leads and buyers with this amazing funnels.

Value: $697

#7-47 E-Commerce Funnels: 40 Ecom Funnels
This component alone is worth 40x the price we ask for this package. We've created 40 complete inter-conected ecom funnels with high converting landing pages (with videos, graphics), upsell pages with related products, PLUS we increase your average order value with backend sales. Ready to sell in minutes!

Value: $3997

That's a total of 47 SALES FUNNELS handed to your on a silver platter for just a fraction of their value! 

Value: $11,679!

#BONUS #1: Interview Webinar Funnel (Simple Wifi Profits)
Earn $700+ in commissions without doing any of the work. We've interviewed their best student (so it's not biased) and we've created a complete funnel that generated over 5 figures in the past few weeks. You'll get it all, as if you had created it and you'll keep 100% of the commissions! We have even created a bonus you can deliver to your own referrals!

Value: $1997

#BONUS #2: Affiliate Profit Masterclass Webinar Funnel
We've created a complete webinar to sell your Affiliate Profit Masterclass course (see funnel #21). No need to spend $8k with a copywriter and video production. IT's all done for you and available in 1-click in your account!

Value: $1497

Access all of the modules and funnels on this page and all the fast action bonuses. 

47 funnels with a combined value of $11,679 (these are real retail prices of individual modules)
2 bonuses with a combined value of $3,494 (these are real retail prices)

Grand Total Value: $15,173

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