"My Goal is to Put Every Other DFY Package to Utter and Total Shame." JP Schoeffel

With Conversion Funnels Pro you get a License to Our Highest Converting online businesses To generate leads, sales and commissions from 450+ Passive income streams paid directly to you, for Pennies On The Dollar!

Fair Warning: It's the most comprehensive Done-For-You licensing deal (there are 4 parts, so make sure to read the 4 next pages) , the easiest to use (1-click install with access to the platform included), which can earn you $3k+ Per Sale!

With Conversion Funnels Pro you get a complete Done-For-You "Click'n'Go Live" online business generating leads, sales and commissions from 70+ Passive income streams paid directly to you, for less than what most people spend on dining out each week, guaranteed!

With Conversion Funnels Pro you get a complete Done-For-You "Click'n'Go Live" online business generating leads, sales and commissions from 70+ Passive income streams paid directly to you, for less than what most people spend on dining out each week, guaranteed!

"Imagine paying an expert to create not 1 but 450+  proven Internet businesses for you, for just...!"

"And  this DFY Internet business provides you with 450+ different streams of PASSIVE income!"

"Who says you have to spend a fortune and years of learning to get your own turn-key Internet business?"

"Forget everything you've ever been told.  This is the NEXT generation of Done-For-You, and it's closing soon..."

Can you imagine discovering mounds of gems in your backyard?

On May 12, 1881, two brothers, Walter and Robert, overheard whispered stories of rubies and sapphires being mined by the bucketful in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Hoping to strike it rich, they stowed away on a southbound train to seek their fortune.

When they arrived, Walter bought a pick and shovel, and hiked into the mountains.  

Robert, on the other hand, decided to stay in the town of Franklin for awhile  He wanted to find a mining expert and learn everything he could about mining for gems.

One day, while sitting in the surveyors office, a beautiful woman came in.

She told a heart-wrenching story about how her husband had searched for months for the most likely place to find rubies and sapphires.  He was a geologist, and he located an area that was rich in gems, there for the taking.

He staked his claim, bought the necessary equipment, hired help, and got started.  Sure enough, the mine was loaded with gems, and within months he had enough for him and his wife to live on for the rest of their lives.  

Sadly, the miner perished when his horse threw him, and his beautiful widow decided to move back to New York to be with her family.

Did the surveyor know of anyone who would be willing to take the mine over?  She was sure there were many more gems to be found. All she asked is that the person who bought the mine send her a little money every month, for as long as he worked it.  

Of course Robert jumped at the chance, signed the papers, and the mine was his.  

By luck, Walter returned that very same day, and Robert couldn't wait to give him the good news that soon they would both be rich.

I should pause here, and let you know that Walter hadn't been faring well in the mountains.  He didn't know anything about mining for gems.  But he'd seen sapphires and rubies on rich ladies, certainly they couldn't be that difficult to find, right?  

So every time he found a place that he thought might contain gems, he'd spend a few hours digging a hole with his pick ax and shovel, only to come up empty.

What Walter didn't know, is the sapphires and rubies in the hills of North Carolina aren't like the one's you see in jewelry.  If you don't know what you're looking for, you can walk right by them laying on the ground and never even notice them.

And this is exactly what Walter most likely did, time and time again.  

Walter was ragged, tired, and in the foulest of moods.  Robert told him about the mine he bought that day, but Walter just scoffed at Robert.

"Obviously the mine is played out, why else would she be selling it?"  

"Besides, it's too good to be true! Don't you know anything?"

"Robert, how stupid can you be?" and so forth.  

Walter bought more supplies and headed back into the mountains to seek his fortune.

Robert set to work, and within hours he knew that the beautiful woman had spoken the truth.

There was indeed a very plentiful pocket of sapphires and rubies that seemed to have no end.  He worked diligently, d igging out the rock and carefully separating out the gems, which the expert had taught him how to identify.

Realizing the mine was too big for one person to work alone, he hired crews to work around the clock.   Even while he slept, money pored in almost automatically.  

Who ever dreamed such a thing could happen?

Several years later and bored with mining, Robert retired a very rich man.  

But he worried about Walter, who never reappeared from the mountains.  Hoping that one day he'd come back, Robert sealed up the mine with a locked iron gate, and arranged for the key and the land to go to Walter, should he ever return.  

Robert moved to New York, and married the beautiful widow who first sold him the property.

Walter had been hiding in the mountains all this time, ashamed with himself for never striking it rich.  He worked as a logger, trading time and back-breaking work for a pittance of money, and learned to hate the world for his lot in life.

Somehow, news made it back to Walter about the land.  Walter figured Robert would never leave him the mine unless it was all played out.  

But he decided to build a shack of a house there, and used rock from the mine as the foundation.

This is where Walter spent the rest of his life.

And he never did figure out why, at night, he had to sit on the front porch with a shotgun in order to keep trespassers from digging out the foundation of his house and stealing it.

You see, Walter never learned to identify raw gemstones.  

The very foundation of his shack contained gems worth more than everything he ever made working for others.

Walter died penniless, living on top of one of the richest gemstone mines in the world.

That same mine is still producing gems to this very day.

So the question I have for you is...

...Are you wandering the Internet...

...just sure there are gemstones everywhere...

...but you don't know how to find them?

Could you be walking past giant sapphires and rubies everyday, and not even know it?

The Internet of today is a lot like the gemstone mines of the late 1800's.  Where there were gemstones just lying on the ground, waiting to be discovered, now there are pocketfuls of cash everywhere on the Internet, just waiting to be found.  

The Internet is the GREATEST treasure hunt ever, better than the gold mines, the gemstone mines, and the diamond mines put together.

But if you can't identify a gemstone when you see one, how are you going to strike it rich?

Remember, Robert didn't know anything about mining, either.  

He purchased a working mine opened by an expert who had done all of the preliminary work for him.

What if you had a team of Internet experts build you a genuine...

Internet business?

Everything's already done for you..  

Nothing to build.  

Nothing to create or write.  

Just turn the key and start earning money.

It worked brilliantly for Robert.

It's working right now for select individuals all over the Internet.

"The Best Lazy-Man's Way to
Getting a Good Start in Internet Marketing..."

Although I'm just a beginner, I've been very delighted with JP Schoeffel's system.
I believe this to be one of the best investments I've made in my Internet Marketing journey - unlike some big ticket products that take your money and let you mind your own business without any support.

With JP Schoeffel, I trust that I always get more than my money's worth.

Not only that, I believe this is the best lazy-man's way to getting a good start in the Internet Marketing game for me as a beginner.

Dr. Kang-pang Chan
Founder, CTO - The Company

 "The most phenomenal deal available in internet marketing today ..." 

 "I must say it looks to be one of the most phenomenal deals available in internet marketing today.

It is comprehensive, right-on-target, and sensitive to the unique needs of internet marketers. A member can soon have an empire of cash-flowing websites.

JP's package transcends the "guru hype and fluff" we see all too often and delivers a product that is well thought out, thoroughly researched and brilliantly executed.
As a former customer of many of your sites and packages, I think you have managed to top them all with this new deal. Congratulations! "

Tom Sunde
Founder, CTO - The Company

Hello, JP Schoeffel here.

As the Internet evolves, it's crucial to keep up...

...or get left in the cyber-dust of those out-pacing you.  

That can be difficult for the part-time marketer...

...the new marketer...

...or even the marketer whose hands are too full.

But with conversion funnels pro, technology and innovation are handled for you! 

You do what you do best, (we will even take you from where you are to an accomplished digital marketing expert through our trainings and live class included in this deal) and we take care of the rest. 

Conversion Funnels Pro is your COMPLETE, turn-key solution to earning passive income from SEVERAL DIFFERENT SOURCES, all at the same time.  

With this system, in less than a day you can begin earning passive income from lead generation funnels, e-commerce funnels, native funnels, info products funnels, give-away funnels, Software funnels... in different evergreen and proven-to-convert niches and industries.

Think of Conversion Funnels Pro as
Your Own Team of Internet Experts,

Building You a Business That Cranks Out
Residual Cash Month After Month for You...

...and then imagine they build not one business but 10+ business that you will be able to activate at your own pace, too...

...and that we keep improving  months after months...

...and that we keep testing and optimizing your businesses...

Could the day come when, like Robert and his gem mine, you get tired of making money online and you retire rich?

It could happen.

Wouldn't that be a shame? ;-)

But I'm No Techno geek. I need help!

Remember when I told you earlier that we handle Technology and Innovation for you?

Now you get to understand what it truly means and how it will help you create and grow a completely automated online business without having to know anything about hosting, dns, coding, webmastering, design, copywriting, optin forms, email validations, shopping cart, securing domain and content area... the list could go on and on and on...

We've perfected the art of creating ready-made Done-For-You packages to the point where you will soon wonder how it was done BEFORE.

You'll learn a bit later exactly how it works, but just note for now that if you can point and click, then you can start using Conversion Funnels PRO in the next 5 minutes!

Just as we created this page without writing a single line of code, or without the help of a designer, and without the help of a webmaster to make it response. You'll get the same power, and even more (as we've already created everything for you, but more on this in a moment).

You will NEVER have to deal about all the above, you won't have to worry about anything and you will, at last, be able to enjoy building your online internet business without any barriers at all.

Before I dive into what's included in this offer, let me tell you why conversion funnels PRO is DIFFERENT from any PLR or DFY package you've Ever seen.

If you've purchased any PLR or DFY package, you've certainly experienced a lot of frustration when reaching the member's area...

Only to discover that you need to download a bunch of files, get a hosting account, hire a webmaster, and most of the time a designer and copywriter as these packages are most of the time a compilation of junk content thrown together to create an affordable but not marketable offer.

That's the sad and ugly truth about this market. I've even seen packages with an amazing sales pitch, but all you get when you spend your hard earned money is some slides you are asked to edit, to record, to voice over to finally create the product YOURSELF, create the sales page, host it... Talk about increased frustration.

You think you're getting a quality ready-made product you can start promoting and selling in minutes. You end up having to do all the work, and in some case, you end up having to create the product yourself.

All of this is useless. And I can guarantee it's over, and what you're about to discover and put your hands on is unlike anything you've ever seen before!

All the funnels you get are available right away in ONE CLICK in your platform. And you will only need a minute or two to tweak your affiliate links and / or create the products to be ready to take orders!

Nothing to download, nothing to upload no copy to write, no design to create, no product to tweak, rebrand, shoot or voice over.

A complete set of online businesses you will start marketing in a few minutes from now.

And this is how I turned my goal into a reality...

My Goal is to put Every other PLR & DFY packages to utter and total shame


Prepare to be shocked, and take your time as this is quite an extensive package. We've listed all the funnels into components.

BUT, all of these funnels will help you generate leads and they are ALL monetized with high converting affiliate links (with guaranteed approval and no waiting!).

Thanks to the bonuses (you would need to scroll down), all of these funnels are also available in just 1 CLICK!



We'll Help You Build A Lead Empire Targeting Different Interests & Audiences

As explained at the beginning of that page, having just one optin page will get you nowhere. Having a complete portfolio of integrated offers and lead magnets all working together like a finely tuned orchestra is the only way to not only generate a high number of leads, but also to turn those leads into buyers. Module 2 & 4 will perfectly complement this module with extra assets you will be able to give away and sell as your own to further expand your reach, serve your audience and monetize your traffic and lists.

Free Traffic Generation Video Course (Up to $600 in commissions)

Build your list and earn passive commissions by giving away an exclusive video training on Free Traffic Generation.

Your leads will receive access to the video course with an instant monetization option (where you can earn up to $600 in commission).

On top of that we also give access to the transcripts, the slides, the audio version and a downloadable version of this 30mn video course!

This optin page will be pre-loaded in your account when you join and all you have to do is insert your affiliate link and start collecting YOUR leads.

Email Deliverability Video Course (Up to $420 in commissions + recurring)

This is a "reverse optin" funnel where you deliver a free video before asking for an optin!

It converts really well as you give a lot of value before even asking for an email. If they want to learn more, then, they can optin and it's automatically attached to your affiliate link where we'll convert your leads into buyers of a high-in-demand email service.

Obviously, you collect the leads, we don't have access to them, and we convert them into customers on your behalf, thus earning you commissions. You can earn $420 right away as well as up to $500 in yearly recurring commissions PER sale, through the upsell funnel managed for you!

Our Best Online Methods - Video Course (Up to $715 in recurring commissions)

Build your list and earn passive commissions by giving away an exclusive video training on Our best online methods and affiliate marketing.

This funnel converts really well with cold traffic. It also comes with an optin video and the whole copy is done for you.

The thank you page carries a lot of backend commission opportunities. All you have to do is add your affiliate link and you have a high converting lead generation funnels driving commissions passively.

How To Create & Sell Funnels! (Up to $715 in recurring commissions)

Target digital publishers, product creators, affiliate marketers, online advertisers who want to learn how to create and sell ready-made funnels for a profit.

Imagine how many people are currently using page builders without being able to sell their skills or funnels!

You will collect high value leads who already have skills, experience and knowledge. This funnel will promote a high converting digital marketing platform with your affiliate link, thus turning your leads into commissions!

Affiliate Marketing Webinar ($700 in commissions)

Earn $700 with this lead generation funnel.

Invite people to discover a brand new method to earn $500/day. You can use it to promote any affiliate training, but we're using it to promote a high-in-demand affiliate marketing webinar, straight after the optin!

All you need to do is plug your affiliate link and you're ready to go. Also comes pre-loaded in your account!

Instant Authority  - Interview Funnel (Up to $1000 in commissions with recurring)

Build authority and trust by leveraging our Interview funnel.

During this interview, your subscribers will learn the journey of an 8-figure internet marketer, and what his vision of the future of our industry is. These tips and strategies have never been shared before.

You can use this funnel to build instant trust and credibility with your prospects and leads. It comes with a thank you page with the interview all done for you. And you can further monetize using affiliate links to different suggested program and earn up to $1k in  commissions with recurring)

Youtube Marketing Course (Up to $200 + $700 in recurring commissions)

Youtube is an evergreen and hot-in-demand topic.

With this lead magnet (which comes with PDF, podcast / audio file) you will build a targeted list of marketer interested in Youtube Marketing.

Long form optin page to squeeze more high-quality leads. Monetized on the backend with several digital marketing programs - just plug your affiliate link and you're ready to go! (the backend program can earn you $200 right away and up to $700 in yearly recurring commissions)

Messenger Marketing Course (Up to $200 + $700 in recurring commissions)

Another hot topic you don't want to miss.

Educate your prospects and build a responsive list using this Messenger marketing course.

Monetized with different programs on your thank you page, you'll earn commissions and become an instant authority. (the backend program can earn you $200 right away and up to $700 in yearly recurring commissions)




Giveaway License To Success Turning Point ($300 in commissions +$700 in recurring)

You will get a $999 value giveaway license to our Success Turning Point video course.

You'll be able to install a high converting give away / optin page to generate leads and subscribers by giving access to our paid course...for free. You'll have a special backdoor link (thank you page also done-for-you) shared on your thank you page, with additional backend sale opportunities that will earn you commissions.

By simply giving this course away you will be able to earn $300 in commissions right away and $700+ in recurring commissions as well!

You’ll be able to give it away it as your own, the only difference is that you don’t have to create anything as it’s completely done for you and available right away when you join us.

And it's available in 1 click in your account and ready to sell using the Deliver module!



Giveaway License To Affiliate Funnels (Up to $700 in recurring commissions)

What if you could license our Affiliate Marketing platform used by thousands of paid clients? And what if you could give it away for free to generate high quality leads and passive commissions on the backend?

Well it's an opportunity we would like to offer you today when you join Conversion Funnels PRO. You'll get a high converting optin page to drive people to a backdoor access to our Affiliate Funnels platform.

From there you can earn passive commissions and enjoy providing a lot of value to your leads

Part 1 - MODULE #3-4-5



12 Done-For-You Profitable Clickbank + Native Ads Affiliate Campaigns (earn up to $100 in commission per product)

Feeling frustrated with all those earning screenshots you find online? It's time to make those yours and get an unfair advantage once and for all. 

Our package provides a complete set of 5 affiliate campaigns with everything you need to get started and deploy those.

  • 12 High-In-Demand & Evergreen Offers in multiple industries (Health, Energy, DIY, Diet & Weight Loss)
  • Presell Landing Pages (with 1-click deployment)
  • Traffic Source (ad network, publishers)
  • Conversion Optimized Targeting (highest converting geos, devices and targets)
  • Ad creatives (with ad variations: headlines, images)
  • Profitability analysis (you only get the most profitable ad creatives and landers proven to convert and generate high ROI)

Available right away when you secure your Conversion Funnels PRO spot. 


Affiliate Funnels Mega Pack Edition: 500+ Ready-Made Affiliate Campaigns With 1-Click Publishing 

Easily promote the best performing digital and physical products (fully integrated with iFunnels)

500 already selected offers from Clickbank, Amazon, JVzoo...build your list, earn commissions without writing a single line, or creating any landing page.



We’re the ONLY Facebook Funnel Designers Who Use the Proven ADS Formula to Create Profitable Results That You Can Bank On!
What is the ADS formula?

It’s an ROI-boosting formula that includes these three parts:

Advertise (your offer)
Develop (your relationship with your prospects)
Sell (your product)

We’ve tested this formula up one side of Facebook and back down the other. Across audiences, across niches, across offers … it just keeps working.

We can’t give any more specifics on how the formula works, as we need to keep it under wraps in order to protect our business.

But rest assured, we've used this formula to create a high converting Facebook funnel package for you that includes these pieces:

Audience research and targeting to drive conversions.
An engaging quiz to hook your prospects.
A high-converting landing page to get them on your list.
Eye-catching graphics to boost response.
A retargeting campaign to boost conversions and ROI.

All of this available as soon as you join and already pre-loaded in your Conversion Funnels PRO Account!

Here’s a detailed look at what your ADS-based package  includes when you get Conversion Funnels Pro  today…

Part 1 of the ADS formula: ADVERTISE
This includes the advertisement we have created for this funnel, and it’s designed to generate highly targeted clicks. We also work hard to hook your audience and pre-frame the sale of the product you’re promoting.

- Audience research and targeting. We've already researched the audience for a high in demand product, and we’ll give you detailed instructions (with screenshots) showing you exactly who to target and how to do it.
- Angle / Hook research. Here we use our research and our team’s best creative minds to create a compelling hook for the campaign that your prospects will find irresistible.
- Ad copy.  This includes a “grab ‘em by the collar” headline and ad content with variations that are designed to hook your prospects and get the click.
- Ad creative.  Our top-tier designers have created pattern-interrupt images that your audience can’t help but notice.

Part 2 of the ADS formula: DEVELOP
At this stage of the formula a very warm prospect clicks on your ad, and you start to develop a relationship and bond with them.
This part of the formula includes the following components:
- Custom-tailored landing page quiz and copy.  This quiz instantly engages your prospects, qualifies them, and pre-frames your offer.
- Call-to-actions and headlines to drive attention to the content.

Part 3 of the ADS formula:  SELL
At this part of the funnel you get materials to retarget people who interacted with your content but didn’t complete a purchase.  These are your best prospects, as you can reach them for mere pennies on the dollar. It’s not unusual to get 1000%  ROI with our custom retargeting campaigns!
The deliverables for this part of the funnel include:
- Ad copy and creatives that are specially designed to save the sale and drive up your ROI.
- Story-based landing page copy that engages prospects on an emotional level and compels them to take action.

In summary: we've created a complete Facebook Conversion Funnels that’s worked again and again for marketers just like you who want to get great results.


When You Join Today, You'll Also Get All These Fast-Action-Bonuses To Quickly Deploy Your Funnels

A $199/Yr Value

Lifetime Access To iFunnels STUDIO Silver: Create Unlimited Funnels


All You Need To Create & Manage
Your High Converting Funnels

Drag & Drop

Create stunning pages and funnels by simply dragging and dropping professionally designed blocks and component.

100 Ready-Made Blocks

Create any kind of website and layout with all these blocks, or use as a starting point, without the fear of a blank page!

Ready-Made Templates

In need of some inspiration, we have high quality templates for all your needs. And of course you can re-use all the funnels you get in this deal.  


Add evergreen or regular countdown timers  to drive your conversion rate to the roof and get people to take action.

Save & Share blocks

You can easily save blocks on any page to re-use those on your page or share it with any other funnel or page. No need to re-create things.

1-Click Optimized Publishing

No need for hosting, you won't even need a domain. 1-Click is all you need to publish your funnels on our highly secure and fast servers!

A $199/Yr Value

Lifetime Access To iFunnels DELIVER



Selling Has Never Been Easier

You can literally create a new product and start selling it (or giving it away) in less than 3 minutes (forget these 10 tabs to create a product and complex funnel setup)

Flexible Pricing

You can sell digital / physical products or service. One time, Recurring (limited in time or not), Trial (free or paid) of any length, charge setup fees, shipping (recurring or not), taxes... 

Optimized Checkout Experience

You can preview your checkout form in real time. This checkout experience has been optimized based on $5Billions in transactions (no kidding!) by our payment partner (Stripe)

Universal Login

Isn't it frustrating when you sell multiple products and your customers have to manage multiple login / pwd. Not anymore. One login for all your products and services!

1-Click Orders

Our proprietary system will recognize repeat customers and ask them to confirm their next purchase. Less friction, more sales!

Frictionless Experience

Say goodbye to creating login, forget password, registration, checkout pages... Our engine work without ANY of these "old" system pages. Welcome to the future of selling!

Protecting Your Content Has Never Been Easier

Your content is 100% safe. No "backdoor" registration page. Just 1 click and your content is restricted to your legit members. 

Drip Feeding Content

Another click and you can drip feed your content so only members who joined X months ago can access it. Just 1-click is enough!

Managing Members is a breeze

Easily add / revoke access, refund, create new members, gift access, edit details...and so much more!

A $499 Value

Access To Our Flagship "Free Traffic Masterclass" Video Course

Here is what Scott, one of our student has to say about this Masterclass.

Get Unlimited Free Targeted Traffic 

If you ask any online entrepreneur out there, they will all tell you Traffic is their #1 problem. How to get free targeted traffic that converts.

That's the holy grail of Internet Marketing, and the dream every digital marketer is chasing.

We'll reveal our tactics to generate free traffic, while ensuring we only get warm and qualified prospects who need help to get their problems solved!

This is an over-our-shoulder video workshop (8+ hours long).

Consume The Masterclass In Different Versions

Our brand new course comes with all the formats you love so you can consume our business course your own way...

Obviously you will get instant access to all the videos online. You will also be able to download the videos would you like to watch them offline

We'll let you download all the slides from each video module. USe those as quick reference or print them for ease of use.

Do you like listening to audio books or podcasts? Then you'll love being able to download the audio version of our course.

Finally, you'll get the complete transcript of all the videos. Print the important parts you like and keep those close to you!

A $199 Value

Kickstart Webinar PLUS 10-Day Onboarding Program

You're Not Alone

When you join today, you'll be offered a kickstart webinar you can attend. We'll show you exactly how to get started, what your first steps should be, how to launch your first online business and how to organize things.

We'll also reveal the fastest way to generate $1k using this program!

On top of that, you will be automatically granted access to our 10-Day iFunnels onboarding program. 

A $499 Value

One-On-One Discovery Call

20mn call with our team

We'll help you even further by customizing your experience with Conversion Funnels Pro. Obviously, there's a limited number of slots available and we can only talk to that many people in a day.

We're expecting action takers and motivated people to take us on this amazing bonus. At the end of that session, you'll have the keys to 100x your online business with Conversion Funnels.

You might wonder how we can offer such a thing as a bonus. We know from experience, that only a fraction of our customers will go that far and talk to us. But it's possible that we remove this bonus when our calendar is full :-)

Why Trust Us?

We've been full time online entrepreneurs for 15+ years now, but do not take our words for it...

 "Whenever JP talks… I listen, and I listen carefully. He manages to blow up in top affiliate lists often. And he does it with a smaller list than most gurus out there.

So if you have the chance to learn from JP about affiliate marketing, know that you’re learning from one of the top affiliates out there and what he teaches comes straight from the trenches." 

Simon Hodgkinson

 "JP’s not your typical “guru” who goes after the limelight. Instead, he’s too busy making a killing with affiliate marketing and teaching his secret methods to students lucky enough to learn from him.

You’ll be in good hands learning from JP. In fact, you’ll be guided by truly one of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. Get your hands on anything and everything he comes out with!" 

Ewen Chia
#1 International Best Selling author

FAST ACTION BONUS #6 (a $299/year value)
Lifetime Access To Copy Prophet

What if you could know before hand what's going to convert? How cool would that be, right!
Whether you are an email marketer, or create ads, youtube scripts... Copy Prophet will tell you which email or ad is more likely to convert before you even send an email or spend a dime on advertising.  The only Copywriting scoring engine on the planet, and you'll get lifetime access for free!

There could not be a best companion to Conversion Funnels PRO than Copy Prophet! (And with Module 7, you can even resell access to Copy Prophet)

FAST ACTION BONUS #7 (a $240/year value)

The best software to find aged domains, expired domain with high Page Rank and traffic, with instant authority and keyword rankings. Plus it comes with unlimited access and lifetime access just for you! This software sells for $19.95 /mo or $240/year.

It's yours free today!

A $399 Value

Conversion Funnels PRO Affiliate Booster (Up to $674 in commissions)

Boost Your Commissions Within Minutes!

I wish I had such content when I started. See, when you want to promote a program you love, you often have to use poor banners, or low quality "canned reviews", but you still have to create everything on your end (your review page, landing page, optin page).

And if you really want to stand out and 10x your commissions, you must have bonuses to hand out to your prospects.

Let's get real. Only 1% of affiliate marketers go that far. But NOT anymore!

Our Conversion Funnels Affiliate Booster package will solve this problem once and for all! We will give you everything you need to run a profitable affiliate campaign without having to do any of the work:

  • High Converting Optin Page
  • Video Landing / Review page (with copy, review, video, bonuses, instructions)
  • 1-click Installation in Studio with a license to use our content
  • Ready-made bonuses to generate more commissions (and earn even more with backend sales). Everything being automated so you don't have to worry about delivering the bonuses!

The bonuses you will be giving away are not included in this offer, so they are something they can't get unless they join through your link. Bonuses will include extra funnels (of course you can use these bonuses for yourself as "unadvertised bonuses"). 

What Happens Next?

If you're still reading, here is what the next steps would be in order for you to successfully join the program.

Click & Read The Next Part

Click on the Continue to Part II Button.

Get Started

Watch the first tutorials we have and dive into it. Prepare questions you might have and that will be addressed during the live training session.

Kick Start Webinar

Register (free) for the next live kickstart webinar and get prepared to start your wonderful online journey.

The Great "Hack"

Follow the Step-by-Step tutorials and start earning your first commissions.


So, Just to be super clear, here is a breakdown of exactly what you will get when you signup & join Conversion Funnels Pro today!


#1 Lead Generation Funnel: Free Traffic Generation Video Course
Build your list and earn passive commissions by giving away an exclusive video training on Free Traffic Generation.

Value: $497

#2 Lead Generation Funnel: Email Deliverability Video Course
A reverse optin funnel where you teach your prospects how to get more open rates and increase their email marketing performance.

Value: $497

#3 Lead Generation Funnel: Our Favorite Business Model Video Course
A high converting funnel with an optin video, giving away a course on our favorite and best online business model with lots of backend monetization opportunities.

Value: $397

#4 Lead Generation Funnel: Create & Sell & Share Funnels
Target digital publishers, product creators, affiliate marketers, online advertisers who want to learn how to create and sell ready-made funnels for a profit.

Value: $297

#5 Lead Generation Funnel: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Webinar
Invite people to a training showing them how to earn $500+/ day with affiliate marketing and earn $700 in commissions in the process.

Value: $297

#6 Lead Generation Funnel: Instant Authority Interview Funnel
You can use this funnel to build instant trust and credibility with your prospects and leads. It comes with a thank you page with the interview all done for you. And you can further monetize using affiliate links to different suggested program.

Value: $697

#7 Lead Generation Funnel: Youtube Marketing Course
Long form optin page to squeeze more high-quality leads. Monetized on the backend with several digital marketing programs - just plug your affiliate link and you're ready to go!

Value: $297

#8 Lead Generation Funnel: Messenger Marketing Course
Educate your prospects and build a responsive list using this Messenger marketing course. Monetized with different programs on your thank you page, you'll earn commissions and become an instant authority.

Value: $297

#9 Give Away Funnel: Success Turning Point Video Course
You'll be able to install a high converting give away / optin page to generate leads, subscribers and commissions (just plug your affiliate link in) by giving access to our paid course...for free.

Value: $997

#10 Give Away Funnel: Affiliate Funnels SAAS Platform
License our Affiliate Marketing platform used by thousands of paid clients. And give it away for free to generate high quality leads and passive commissions on the backend!

Value: $997

#11-22 Affiliate Funnel: 12 Native Ad - Clickbank Affiliate Funnels
12 high-in-demand affiliate campaigns with presell-landing pages, copy, design, 1-click deployment, traffic sources, targeting, ad creatives...and everything you need.

Value: $997

#23-473 Affiliate Funnel: Affiliate Funnels Mega Pack Collection
450 lead funnels promoting 450+ products from different affiliate marketplaces (JVzoo, Clickbank, Amazon...) with 1-click deployment.

Value: $497

#474 Affiliate Funnel: Facebook Conversion Funnel
Every wanted to have your own Facebook Ad Conversion Funnel with a quizz page, an advertorial to retarget, the ad copy, the creative, the angles, the targeting and audience? It's yours today!

Value: $497

That's a total of 474 lead, income and commission generation streams handed to your on a silver platter for just a fraction of their value! 

Value: $7,261!

BONUS #1: Lifetime Access To iFunnels Studio
This is the platform powering all these funnels, and you'll get free access to it. No time limit. Studio Silver normally sells for $199 per year. You'll get a free license to use it, import your own domains, and install as many funnels, pages as you want, drive as many sales as you want.

Value: $199/yr

BONUS #2: Lifetime Access To iFunnels Deliver
Our product, sales and membership management platform, fully integrated with Studio. Start selling in minutes, not hours or days. Easily sell digital and physical products, protect members' areas, drip feed content and manage your sales.

Value: $199/yr

BONUS #3: Access To Our "Free Traffic Generation" Masterclass
Our flagship traffic generation training, currently reselling for $499. You'll get free access to it for as long as you wish.

Value: $499

BONUS #4: Kickstart Webinar & Training Session
Don't get stuck. We're here to help you, and we'll walk you through everything you need to know PLUS a method to 10x your investment literally overnight!

Value: $199

BONUS #5: 1-On-1 Discovery Call
We'll help you even further by customizing your experience with Conversion Funnels Pro. At the end of that session, you'll have the keys to 100x your online business with Conversion Funnels.!

Value: $499

BONUS #6: Lifetime Access to Our Copy Prophet Online App
Copy Prophet will tell you which email or ad is more likely to convert before you even send an email or spend a dime on advertising.  The only Copywriting scoring engine on the planet, and you'll get lifetime access for free!

Value: $299/yr

BONUS #7: Lifetime Access to PR RAGE Domain Finder App
The best software to find aged domains, expired domain with high Page Rank and traffic, with instant authority and keyword rankings. This software sells for $19.95 /mo or $240/year. It's yours free today!

Value: $240/yr

BONUS #8: Conversion Funnels Affiliate Booster Package
10x your investment quickly with ready-made bonuses, preselling landing and review page, a high converting optin page. The best affiliate package to quickly 10x your investment!

Value: $1,999

BONUS #9-20: Monthly Mystery Bonus
Each month we will add a free bonus to your account worth at least $99 (even if this special offer is a one time payment). These will be extra funnels and courses exclusive to us that you'll get free of charge over the course of the next 12 months to further help you grow your online business!

Value: $1,188

Access all of the modules and funnels on this page and all the fast action bonuses. That's the top of the range!

474 funnels with a combined value of $7,261 (these are real retail prices of individual modules)
20 bonuses with a combined value of $5,321 (these are real retail prices)

Grand Total Value: $12,582


We've created the program we would have liked to have access to when we just started. This is your opportunity to get a head start and get a complete online business 100% done-for-you.


A $1188 Value

Monthly Mystery Bonus (a $99/mo value)

ok, let's bee this up even more. When you join today (for a one time fee), we'll deliver a new funnel right into your account each and every month during the next 12 months! Each funnel or set of funnels will be worth at least $99, and you get it all for free without even paying monthly fees!

Conversion Funnels PRO! What else? 


Have some pressing questions? Here are the most commonly asked

Do I Need Hosting?

Nope. In fact, our company 100% relies on Studio (this page is created with Studio). You can import 3 domains with your Fast Action Bonus Access to Studio. And if you need more we'll let you know how to do it.

Are There Any Limitations?

Yes and No. You can generate as many leads, sales and commissions and you keep 100% of those. As for the Studio fast action bonus. You're limited to 10,000 visitors. Which should be quite enough to get started. You can upgrade to increase this limit.

How much does it cost?

Please read the next pages to see exactly everything we've included in this program. It's unheard of, and you won't be able to find any of these funnels anywher else on the Internet. These are our own funnels we're using to run our business. And you get them all!

Can I Use It Right Away Or Is This Just A Project?

Everything you see on this page is available and fully operational. No need to wait 6 months or even a year. You can use the Conversion Funnels, our platform and all the components as you join. 

What If I Don't Want To Use All Your Modules & Features?

That's no problem. Some of our members only use a few components and modules to get started. But since you don't pay any monthly fee, you can go at your own pace. And we have tutorials and a kick start webinar to help you along the way. Don't worry, you're in good hands.

This seems unreal, how come?

We know the saying "if it's too good to be true, it certainly is". Well let us break this belief. You can join, give it a try and you'll discover "it's too good and it's true, and I'm glad I took the risk-free plunge!"

I Don't Have A Domain Name?

No worry, included with your iFunnels Studio account, you will have a custom subdomain you can use right away. And if you wish, you can import your own domains, or purchase new ones right from within the platform.

Can I Join & Use It Later?

Yes, when you join today, you'll have complete freedom to use the content and platform whenever you want since you'll have lifetime access.

You said it was created by marketers, what does it mean?

Well, in a nutshell, what you get today is the online businesses we use everyday to generate leads, sales. We only give you access to the funnels that work for us. That's our vision. 

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